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Happy Birthday Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman, photo courtesy of wikipedia
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Case study - Dustin Hoffman
8 August 1937, 17:07 PST Los Angeles California 34 ̊N03’08”118 ̊W14’34”
AA rating; collector Rodden
Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aries Saturn in Aries, Mars in Sagittarius First Jupiter return: February 1949 First Saturn opposition: August 1951 Time lapsed between first Jupiter return, last Saturn opposition: 2 years 6 months
Second Jupiter return: January 1961 First Saturn return: April 1967 Third Jupiter return: January 1973 Fourth Jupiter return: December 1984

Saturn in Aries

Second Saturn return: May and September 1996 and February 1997 Fifth Jupiter return: December 1996
Dustin Hoffman began his career as an actor in 1960, just before his second Jupiter return in January 1961. Until his first Saturn return, he was cast in off-Broadway shows and made appearances on television. During this time, he was a devoted pupil of the Actor’s Studio where he learned method acting. This stage of his life most resembles the lone knight preparing for battle. He carefully honed and practised his craft, emerging from this stage of preparation and achieved his first critical success in the off-Broadway production of Eh? which premiered on 16 October 1966. His first significant big break was being cast in the main role of the blockbuster movie The Graduate in which he portrayed the angst-filled twenty-one year old Benjamin Braddock. The film was released just after his first Saturn return in December 1966.
In the film, the young Benjamin is famously seduced by the older Mrs Robinson but eventually marries her daughter. Interestingly, in real life, Anne Bancroft, who played Mrs Robinson, is only six years older than Hoffman. Her Saturn is conjunct Hoffman’s Jupiter, her North node is conjunct his Saturn whilst her Pluto sits snugly on his descendant. Powerful seduction indeed!
 Shortly after this, Hoffman starred in his second major movie, Midnight Cowboy and afterwards Little Big Man, both of which led to BAFTA awards. During the filming, transiting Jupiter made a series of three oppositions to his natal Saturn (November 1968, February 1969 and August 1969). This is the reward of Jupiter being paid to the work of Saturn.

By 1978, transiting Jupiter in Cancer was opposite to Saturn in Capricorn as Hoffman filmed multi-BAFTA winning Kramer versus Kramer. For this movie, the trials and tribulations of a family (Jupiter in Cancer) during a marital breakdown (Saturn in Aries) are portrayed. A few years later in 1981, he went on to star as a cross-dressing, starving actor in Tootsie. During the filming, both transiting Saturn and Jupiter in Libra (relationships) were in square to his natal Saturn. Transiting Jupiter magnifies anything it touches and in Libra, it is the area of relationships that is highlighted. There is no better exacerbation of the relationship difficulties that can be experienced by Saturn in Aries than a straight actor dressing up as “Dorothy” and the comedy that ensues from the complications and confusion of having sexual relations with one woman (as a man), falling in love with another woman (dressed as a woman) whilst being pursued (as a woman) by several other men.
Transiting Jupiter was again in conjunction to his natal Saturn as he filmed Ishtar with Warren Beatty, a box office flop (and bearer of several Golden Raspberry awards) and Rain Man, the story of an autistic savant man who inherits a large sum of money. In sharp contrast to Ishtar, Rain Man won several major awards, including best picture and best actor, for Hoffman. With both movies under the same transit, what made the difference between success and failure for Hoffman?
Ishtar was released just after transiting Jupiter moved into conjunction with Hoffman’s natal Saturn. Transiting Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aries magnifies issues to do with the self — and, from many critics’ perspectives, Ishtar was a silly, self-indulgent, extremely expensive project that paid over the top fees to two spoiled actors.

However, the theme of self persists in Rain Man. Hoffman plays a man who is locked into his own world and is essentially unable to understand the feelings of others. By the time Rain Man was released, transiting Saturn was square to its native position. During its filming, Hoffman employed the lessons he had learned as a method actor a whole Saturn cycle before. Saturn demands precision — and not even “lucky” Jupiter can worm his way out of that. 

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