Sunday, 1 May 2016

Happy Birthday Princess Charlotte!

Astrological characteristics between generations always have a tale to tell. Like her grandmother, Princess Charlotte has a Moon-Uranus opposition so the House of Windsor had better batten down the hatches!! Also, Charlotte's Mars is almost in conjunction with Algol (William and Diana have Venus conjunct Algol) so it's a very interesting, if a little intense, chart indeed! Baby brother George's descendant is conjunct Algol and little sister's Mars so don't bet on these two cherubs getting on very well.

Charlotte's ascendant is conjunct her father's Moon and Grandma Di's Mercury. How adorable is that? We may not have Diana here with us physically but it's so wonderful this new baby has inherited the old Spencer charm. How lovely to name her Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!

The ruling planet of Charlotte's chart is conjunct William's Pluto and Diana's MC. William is going to be one protective father and god help the paparazzi when the kid hits puberty. You think 'those shots' of a topless Kate made him mad? Just you wait until around August 2026 at her first Jupiter return. With Jupiter in Leo, that girl is going to love the spotlight and hate it when daddy tries to shield her from it (however, her down to earth Sun in Taurus in the 11th might calm this tendency). As I wrote in "Growing Pains": "The first few weeks of secondary school for these learners are likely to be a headache for the teachers because of the jostling to be the boss of the year. It’s a newer, bigger kingdom and the spoils of war are far better. This group of learners like risks, so teachers should be prepared for ostentatious displays of egoism. To counteract this tendency, encourage these learners to show their equally showy displays of generosity and altruistic spirit. Give them a chance to show how chivalrous they can be by letting them lead charity events and provide ample opportunities for them to show o their dramatic air."

Another interesting feature of Charlotte's chart is Mercury in Gemini opposite to Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury is extra strong in Gemini but with an opposition from Saturn, she may be a little reluctant to hit the books. Of course oppositions mean extremes so we could have a major academic on our hands (Mercury also rules the 3rd house). William's Uranus is conjunct her Saturn so while she may steady him, he may very well encourage that rebellious streak. One possible scenario is that William will encourage her to marry someone who shakes up the royal blood a little (Pluto in Capricorn descendant ruled by Saturn in 5th and Pluto ruling the 5th house). Saturn in the chart needs to be put to work or it will turn sour. Again, as I wrote in "Growing Pains": "Because Saturn in Sagittarius children fear loss of freedom, it can be hard to get them to take the educational bit and saddle. Detention will scare them, but they will wear you out with their arguments of their innocence. Trying to punish them is like punishing yourself ten times worse. Instead, show them the real injustice of the breadline. The Salvation Army (and other religious organisations) always needs volunteers and pupils with Saturn in Sagittarius can see what religious compassion, hard work and a frugal lifestyle can achieve. These pupils will learn that the line between being solvent and being destitute is a very fine one indeed. Do prepare yourself beforehand for their outrageous and even offensive commentary on unemployment, homelessness and poverty. Remember they are pupils who are learning about these things (they can be so priggishly self-righteous it’s easy to forget) and they are probably badly regurgitating something their parents have said or something they picked up in church or from Cracker. Let them discover alternative views and then get them to badger their MPs to make changes to the laws."

No doubt there will be more and more astrological commentary on this baby. Personally, I don't like to say too much about babies but as this is a royal one and as I, a British tax payer, am contributing  to her upkeep, I reckon I can put my two pence in!

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Alex Trenoweth is an astrologer, writer, lecturer and musician currently living in London England.  She is an MA graduate of the Cultural Astronomy and Astrology course at Bath Spa University (2007), has studied extensively with the Faculty of Astrological Studies whilst simultaneously gaining recognition as an outstanding teacher for her tireless and innovative education of adolescents. Her unique expertise in both astrology and teaching, coupled with ground-breaking research, has led to her writing “Growing Pains,” a book aimed at helping parents and teachers support and guide young people into maturity. The majority of Alex’s astrological work is aimed at facilitating clients to forgive, heal and learn the inner adolescent.

Alex is also an international lecturer and has spoken at several major US conferences such as UAC, ISAR and SOTA, is a veteran speaker at the Astrological Association of Great Britain and other local groups. She was voted “Best International Astrologer, 2015” by the Krishnamuti Institute of Astrology earlier this month.

In addition to being a committed teacher and astrologer, Alex is also a professional musician and has performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and other major venues as a jazz trumpeter. In her spare time, she writes fiction as well as more popular types of astrology. 

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