Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Paul Newman: An astrological perspective

Originally published in The Astrological Association Journal, January/February 2009

Paul Newman was a hero of mine. I loved his rebellious, sometimes cranky nature, his smouldering good looks with the piercing blue eyes. I loved it that he drove fast cars well and that he was so satisfied with what he had that he could donate some of his wealth to worthy causes. He exuded contentment in life and within his marriage. He was a wonderful cook – so much so that his friends inspired him to market his own sauces and dressings. What else could we expect of someone with the Moon in the 2nd house? In time, “Newman’s Own” brand, donating all its profits after tax to charitable causes, threatened to overshadow his acting career. Not that Paul himself seemed to mind very much! When he died, I couldn’t help but think, what if there were a few more celebrities like Paul Newman in the world?

My favourite Paul Newman role was the title role in Cool Hand Luke. In it, he played out his Saturn trine Uranus as a prisoner who would not be broken. In one rainy scene, he was challenged to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in an hour. “No one can eat 50 boiled eggs”, one prisoner challenges and the betting begins. At 39 eggs, Luke’s belly was comically bloated. To the last second, there was uncertainty that he has eaten the last of the eggs, but of course he had – after all, he was the hero. When the men leave him, he lays down on the table as if crucified. It’s pure cinematic iconic religious symbolism at its finest. So much so, that the cast of Jackass (a somewhat raucous stunt group) tried to copy this feat – and failed miserably. Read the rest of the article here

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