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Happy Birthday Oprah Winfrey

The following is an extract from "Growing Pains"
Copyright: Alex Trenoweth

Case study - Oprah Winfrey
29 January 1954, 4:30 CST Rodden rating: A; Collector: Rodden
Kosciusko, Mississippi 38 ̊N03’27” 089 ̊W35’15”
Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury in Aquarius
Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Leo
First Jupiter return: July 1965, 11 years 5 months
First Saturn Opposition: April 1970, 16 years 3 months; 4 years 10 months Saturn return November 1983
Second Saturn return December 2012, April and September 2013 Fourth Jupiter return April 2013
Allegedly, Oprah could read at the age of three, at the time of her first Jupiter square, and she was nicknamed
“The Preacher” at
Sunday school for
her ability to recite
Bible verses. Such
is the eagerness of
Jupiter in Gemini to
acquire information
and regurgitate it on demand.
Oprah had been sexually abused from the age of nine, when Saturn made a series of conjunctions to natal Mercury. This aspect demands silence, so it is astrologically unsurprising she kept this a secret until 1986 when Jupiter transited the same point. Transits from Jupiter and Saturn to this point feature in many aspects of her life. When Jupiter transited Mercury by opposition in 1967, she ran away from home, became pregnant and gave birth to a son who died in infancy. In 1971, at the end of an intense affair, transiting Saturn was square to her natal Mercury.
Shortly after the death of her son, her academic prowess was discovered and she was sent to an affluent high school. Tired of having her impoverished background rubbed in her face, she began to steal money from her mother. She was then sent to live with her father, changed to a school where she regularly made the honour roll, was voted most popular girl, was part of the debate team and eventually won a full scholarship to Tennessee State University for her oratory skills. At seventeen, when Jupiter was conjunct her natal Neptune, she won the Miss Black Tennessee beauty competition.
In 1976, Jupiter was square her natal IC in Sagittarius, and later opposite Saturn in Scorpio, as she began work as a news anchor in Tennessee — she was the first black person to do this as well the youngest anchor the channel had ever had. In 1978, Saturn was in the middle of a series of three conjunctions to natal Pluto and three squares to Mars, and Jupiter was conjunct Uranus as she worked on a show called People Are Talking. In November 1983, at her Saturn return, she moved to Chicago and began The Oprah Winfrey Show which quickly trounced The Donahue Show as the highest rated talk show in Chicago.
In 1985, as Jupiter was in opposition to her natal Uranus, Oprah launched into a new media branch: the movies. Even with little acting experience, she won a role in Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple, eventually gaining an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. Saturn was also active at this time, squaring first her natal Mercury and later her natal Mars, so appropriate for her portrayal of the feisty Sophia who is beaten into submission for being too loud and strong. A Jupiter square and Saturn opposition to her Sun coincided with voice over roles in Charlotte’s Web and The Bee Movie in 2006.
Transiting Saturn was semi-square Oprah’s natal Mercury three times in 1996 when she began her Book Club. Her opinion and endorsements had such an effect on sales of featured books that even the most obscure tomes became instant best sellers. It was a force that became known as the “Oprah Effect.” She discovered further power in her words when she nearly sank the American beef industry with her comments on mad cow disease. Her bacon was nearly cooked when she was taken to court by Texas cattlemen who were furious that their businesses had been so badly damaged. During the time of the trial (she was eventually found not liable) Jupiter had made a series of three conjunctions to Mercury, the last of these in February 1998. Shortly afterwards, Jupiter and Saturn began making a series of transits in tandem to several of her natal planets.
Although she has always been generous, following the lesson learned from her first-hand experience of the Oprah Effect, she began using her influence to persuade others to give to good causes. Oprah’s Angel Network raised $80,000,000 in the Jupiter cycle of its existence. As of 2007 it is estimated she has given away $303,000,000 of her personal fortune and she has become the first black person to be listed as one of the US’s top fifty philanthropists.

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