Wednesday, 2 December 2015

World's First Heart Transplant

On 3 December 1967, Dr Christiaan Barnard performed the first successful heart transplant. The donor heart came from a young woman who had been declared brain dead after a traffic accident. The recipient, a 54 year old grocer, survived just over 2 weeks. The surgery marked a milestone in life-extending surgery.

Barnard was born on 8 November 1922 (Rodden Rating: DD; Collector: Penfield) with Jupiter in Scorpio so he would have thrived in life or death situations (one of his brothers died of heart problems as a child). Jupiter in Scorpio pupils are completely unafraid to go where angels fear to tread.

With Saturn in Libra, Barnard lived up to his reputation as a ladies' man with three marriages and several extramarital affairs that made headlines. Saturn is our Great Teacher and what better lessons are there for Saturn in Libra students than relationships?

The chart of the surgery shows Uranus, the planet of
experimentation, on his North Node. In my book "Growing Pains" I only focus on Jupiter and Saturn. However, in the follow up book, I will be making more of a fuss over Uranus. After all, for several years after its discovery, it was known as the "badly behaved planet" owing to the perturbations of its orbit (which of course we now know was due to Neptune). At around the age of 14, Uranus makes its first Ptolemaic aspect to itself (by sextile) at around the same time as Jupiter makes its first sextile to itself after the return (hope this makes sense). It's so interesting that the things we associate adolescence with--gangs, rebelliousness and the search for independence--are reflected in astrology's interpretation of Uranus!

Barnard's ground-breaking surgery would of course mean he would be completely irresistible to women around the world. And isn't it apt that the Transiting Sun in Sagittarius was conjunct his Venus on the day of the surgery? For a more complete article on Herschel, Uranus and Mary Shelley's Vision of Horror, click here. There is even a link for a webinar! 

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