Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Trudeau Family

Planetary contacts between parents and children always tells a story. Most striking about Justin Trudeau and his parents is that all three have a Moon-Uranus opposition. It's a true family signature. This aspect certainly creates an interesting household of emotional distance, fierce independence and unpredictability. It would be a complete disaster except for one factor: Justin and his mother have Jupiter conjunct Jupiter, dignified by rulership in Sagittarius with mum's Moon also in Sagittarius. That's some big love and security.

Justin was born on 25 December 1971 at 21:27 with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Gemini. Jupiter in Sagittarius children are know-it-alls but need constant stimulation to thrive. It's exhausting but worth it. Justin had Saturn in Gemini and here is an excerpt from "Growing Pains":

"The problem can be that these learners won’t take the leap of faith it takes to put the sounds of letters together to form words. They memorise long passages of familiar books and even know when to turn the page. Because they are such natural mimics, the teachers think they are OK to move onto bigger, more complicated books. So down come the thicker books with far more complicated passages and fewer pictures and out comes independent reading time where pupils are expected to sit for longer periods of time “reading.” Looking at jumbles of letters that seem to make no coherent sense is only fun for a few minutes. Soon the group start doing what they like to do best: chatting. So the teacher comes down on them quite hard. They are punished for not being able to “read” and the learners get the distinct impression that reading is all important, God-like even. By a miraculous process, many of the pupils suddenly get it and are reading fluently, quietly and with voracity. For them the heavenly chorus of “hallelujah!” sounds. The class quickly polarises into those who can read and those who can’t, with those who can’t read being forced to kneel at the altar of knowledge until they are see the light and convert."

Although too far out of orb to be a true opposition, Jupiter and Saturn in Justin's chart demonstrates the dichotomy in teaching that particular year group: a curious mix of ability and reluctance, risk taking and the need to play it safe intellectually.

Children inevitably favour one parent over another--and according to his nanny, Justin was a "Mummy's boy" from an early age. His parents spilt just before his first Jupiter opposition at the age of 5 and their divorce was finalised just after his first Jupiter return. Nearly a full Saturn cycle in ages had taken its toll on the Trudeaus. The nanny indicated that "children's hurts mend very quickly".

A point I like to make in my Growing Pains lecture is that children need to have adult help during times of crisis. It is completely erroneous to assume a child has the resources to counsel themselves through times of crisis. They do not simply "get over" or "grow out of" difficulties. Indeed it was due to his parents' amicable arrangements that resulted in a smooth transition. There was no passive ignorance of Justin's emotional needs at that age.

Bang on his Saturn return, Justin delivered the eulogy for his father's state funeral on 2 October 2000. It was the start of his emergence in Canadian politics. Pluto was transiting his natal Mercury, his ruling planet and transiting Mars was conjunct his descendant as well as his father's own Mars.

Justin was sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada on 4 November 2015 to the collective fluttering eyelashes of every woman on the planet. Transiting Saturn was conjunct romantic Neptune and the transiting Moon that day was conjunct his father's Jupiter and his mother's Pluto.

How fascinating it is that on the day he was sworn into office, transit Uranus was conjunct his Moon as if a nod to the memory of the Trudeau family signature.

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