Thursday, 10 December 2015

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep was born on 22 June 1949 at 8:05 am (Rodden rating: AA; Collector: Steinbrecher) with Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn in Virgo. Meryl's chart is striking for the number of planets in the very early degrees of the signs, including Jupiter and Saturn.

Angular planets are very important in a natal chart and with Jupiter on her descendant, we can start to understand the sheer range of Meryl's acting talents. In astrology, the descendant represents how a person is perceived by others. In mythology, Jupiter was the god who appeared to many gods, goddesses and humans in many guises. Not unlike Meryl herself.

Like Allen Ginsberg, Marilyn Monroe, Caitlin Jenner and Karen Carpenter, Meryl had Jupiter in Aquarius. As I wrote in "Growing Pains":

 "This group of learners require structure, but only just enough to prevent lessons from becoming a free-for-all. Make sure everyone has the chance to be the teacher and they will appreciate your ability to play the game of fairness. At around the age of six, these pupils will take enormous pride in learning how to read and they will demonstrate their new skills anytime and anywhere — although their choice of reading material can be a little odd (you might want to keep them away from the conspiracy theory sections of the library). These pupils tend to be science fiction fans so if you have reluctant readers, try anything involving deep space, astronomy or crop circles and you should be able to win them over." 

At the time of her Jupiter return, Meryl's mother began taking her to singing lessons and instilling a sense of confidence in the gawky pre-teen. Although taking opera lessons, she reflected: "I was singing something I didn't feel and understand. That was an important lesson—not to do that. To find the thing that I could feel through". She gave up singing around the time of her final Saturn opposition a few years later, became a cheerleader and blossomed.

The Saturn opposition (in fact all transits) can be extended by retrograde motion, as it was in Meryl's case during 1964. She learned an important lesson that served her well enough to become one the greatest film actors of all time. Her mastery of accents is in itself an incredible accomplishment.

In the years before her Saturn return, she had begun her acting career in earnest by debuting  on stage and  playing a small role in Taxi Driver. She was famously insulted for not being beautiful enough when she auditioned for King Kong and put the shamefaced director in his place by making it clear she understood his derisive comments--even though these were made in Italian.

Her breakthrough performance came as transiting Jupiter crossed her ascendant when she played opposite Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter for the purpose of extending her time with her partner, who was also cast, who had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She nursed him until he died.

Perhaps Meryl's greatest role was in Sophie's Choice, a role which she described as "extremely painful and emotionally exhausting"was released as Mars transited her natal Jupiter. "Out of Africa" made just as she experienced a Jupiter return, was the beginning of backlash against her. Planetary "returns" give us a chance to think about how far we have come. In Meryl's case, she had reached the pinnacle of her abilities as an actress and the need to do something different. So she turned to comedy.

Postcards From the Edge, Defending Your Life and Death Becomes Her were filmed as transiting Saturn crossed over her natal Jupiter. 

After many other achievements, Meryl came full circle with another Jupiter return in 2008. During this time she was cast in the commercially successful Mama Mia and the following year in Julie/Julia in which she played the famous American French Chef Julia Child.

Despite her incredible fame, Meryl is known for maintaining a fairly normal family life, perhaps owing to the wholesomeness of Saturn in Virgo.

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