Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day Musings on Serial Killers

Thank you for all your feedback on my article about John Wayne Gacy.

Writing about a serial killer gave me a lot to think about (yeah Merry Christmas to you too).

One thing I always worry about as an astrologer is how non-astrologers view astrology. Why? Because I used to think astrology was stupid too. But that was because I didn't know anything about it beyond my own star sign. I've been studying and practicing astrology for more than a full Saturn cycle (that's 30 years to you non astrologers). I've pretty much heard all the arguments, have seen Jonathan Cainer blow it on James Randi and saw Neil Spencer take on Richard Dawkins, I fought the battle and won the war for my mortal soul in Christianity and I've had wine with Geoffrey Dean (who I thought was quite nice actually).

I've endured the slings and arrows of outrageous skepticism.

Oh and I put Matthew Syed in his place too.

But these are stories for another day.

I worry about giving non astrologers the wrong idea about astrology. It's one of the reasons why I refused to write a star sign column (but I do now and this is why). The reason why I worry is because I think astrology can save the world a whole lot of problems if used correctly. Intervention at the crucial ages is key--as I demonstrated with Gacy's chart and in my article on violent children. This is serious stuff and of course, I am passionate about helping children grow into well adjusted adults. And I'm passionate about adults forgiving their inner teenager.

So as I was writing about Gacy, I started thinking--what if some dum dum septic (sic) came across my work and started with the old "astrological signature" stuff like The Shark Guys--who are kinda funny if one can ignore the fact they know nothing about astrology or how it works. Don't forget to read the comments. What if someone reads my article and thinks everyone who has Saturn in Taurus ends up being a homosexual paedophile who kills just for the jollies of it?

I can't have that.

So I spent my morning adding yet more profiles to my already overflowing database to see if I could get a serial killer for all the Saturn signs. Well, it wasn't that difficult and I might even have enough time to jump into the pool before it gets too dark here in Cape Town.

Here we go:

Saturn in Aries

Timothy McVeigh, Andrew Cunanan, Jordan Brown (11 year old murderer), Beverly Allitt

Saturn in Taurus

Charles Whitman, Fred West and John Wayne Gacy

Saturn in Gemini

Saturn in Cancer

Peter Sutcliffe and Harold Shipman

Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Virgo

Saturn in Libra

David Berkowitz, David Long, Kip Kinkle (teenage school shooter), Barry Loukaitis (teenage school shooter)

Saturn in Scorpio

Dennis Nilson, Keith Hunter Jesperson and Rosemary West

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Pisces

(by the way, Ian Brady has the same degree of Saturn in Pisces as me)

So I'll be spending some time on these profiles. It doesn't mean I've gone to the dark side or anything-- other than I think that human failures should be evenly distributed around the zodiac. Yeah, so I just gave myself a whole lot of work to do!

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