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Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock

Excerpt from "Growing Pains"
Copyright: Alex Trenoweth, 2013
All rights reserved
Birth Details
13 August 1899, 3:15 GMT, 
Leytonstone United Kingdom 
51 ̊N30’0 ̊W10’

Rodden rating: DD (conflicting/unverified); 
Collector: Rodden Jupiter in Scorpio, Mars in Libra,
 Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Scorpio

First Jupiter return November 1910, age 11 years 3 months
, First Saturn opposition August 1913, November 1913 age 14 years 3 months 
Time between first Jupiter return and last Saturn opposition: 
3 years  First Saturn return Feb,  May,  November 1928

Second Saturn opposition December 1957
,  Fifth Jupiter return September 1958
Alfred described his childhood as lonely and sheltered. Astrologically, his Saturn was in opposition to his Jupiter before his first Jupiter return. Although Saturn in this situation did not inhibit growth (Alfred was obese from early childhood), it does not indicate a happy free-range adolescence. Once, his father sent him to the local police station with a note asking the constable to lock up Alfred as a punishment. His mother would make him stand at the foot of her bed as retribution. Right on astrological cue, Alfred’s father died during his first Saturn opposition.
By the time of his second Jupiter return in 1919, Alfred had begun to use these childhood experiences in his published writings. His early writing always had a twist at the end, a hallmark of his later films. The short story “Fedora” was his final short story of this era. Written and published in 1921, it coincided with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of that year. Both planets were in square to his natal Neptune. The description of the main character was said to be an eerily accurate description of his wife — whom he hadn’t even met yet. It was also during this time that Alfred became interested in the medium of film.
In 1924, as Jupiter made a series of conjunctions to natal Saturn, Alfred moved to Germany where he was inspired by the techniques used in film-making.  Just before his Saturn return, as transiting Saturn opposed his natal Mercury, Alfred found his first commercial success with The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog. After a series of Jupiter oppositions to his natal Sun, Alfred married his wife Alma. She became known as the “woman behind the man” in her biography as she was his closest collaborator, but she was always keen to avoid public attention. Alma was born only one day after her husband. Although the angles and the moons of their charts are different, many astrological factors, most notably Saturn and Jupiter, are identical. She understood Alfred like no-one else.
Alfred’s films, such as North by Northwest, The Birds, Frenzy, Notorious and, most famously, Psycho are known for featuring men who have troubled relationships with their mothers. Natally, he had Jupiter conjunct the Moon in Scorpio, so perhaps it isn’t surprising the psychologies of the male leads in his movies had difficulties disentangling themselves from their mothers.
The troubled son theme appears to have started with the film Notorious, made just as Jupiter was conjunct Alfred’s natal Moon, features a man whose mother’s suspicions about his new bride turn out to be correct. By the end of 1958, as Jupiter in Scorpio was again conjunct his natal Moon, Alfred was working on North by Northwest, a story about a man who is ridiculed by his mother because he is paranoid about being pursued by government agents. In The Birds, a man struggles to cope with rampaging avians and a clingy mother as Jupiter squares his natal Moon in Scorpio, a transit that repeated when he filmed Frenzy (whose main character loves his mother but wants to kill all other women) in 1972.
However, Psycho is the ultimate mother/son complex movie. During filming at the end of 1959, transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius was opposite Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, in Gemini in Alfred’s chart. As the most famous scene, the iconic shower scene, was filmed 17-23 December 1959, the opposition was exact. Also active during this time was a Saturn square to natal Mars, co-ruler of the sign of Scorpio, in Libra. Funnily enough, the scene that most upset the censors at the time was the sight of money being flushed down the toilet. Until Psycho, no-one had ever seen a toilet flushing at the cinema.

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